Saturday, December 31, 2011

Emma Lauren Photography in 2011

I can't believe another year has gone by.
Another beautiful, and sometimes troublesome, year has gone by.
I am somewhat relieved to see it go, these last few months have been stressful for me. 
I know we can always, at any time, decide to make a change to our lives and start fresh but the start of the new year is always a good starting point. It is for me at least.
I have met some of the most incredible people, I have done some insane things and I have, without a doubt, spent probably a total of a full month editing photos.
I regret nothing.
Here are photos I took this year. Starting in January and ending this December.
1-January 2011: I got to reunite with Blaine Morris. At the time she was doing anxiously awaiting MTV's Skins to premiere (Blaine played Betty Nardone on the show) I was lucky enough to have Blaine let me tag along with her on the adventure. We went to the writers room every week to watch the show. I got to meet the team behind the show. Everyone was incredible and beyond kind. For the last episode I got to meet Brian Elsley, who created all of the UK skins and the US one. He's a brilliant, wonderful man and I'm so grateful I got to meet him. It later helped pave the way for the (tragic) shoot I planned with Luke Pasqualino 
2- February 2011: In February I got to shoot my first published magazine editorial. In October of 2010 I went to a Halloween party at the Schinasi mansion on the upper west side. When I first began to plan out the shoot I knew I wanted it to have elegance but to be modern and the mansion was just the place to do it. Through a series of odd connections I was able to get in contact with Kara, who lived in the mansion. She was kind enough to give me access to the beautiful mansion for a full day. I had such a good time shooting that editorial. It was published the following month in INK Magazine 
3- March 2011: In March I took a weird break from shooting and picked up a couple of jobs taking photographs at clubs. The photograph above is from Juliet Supperclub when Benji Madden from Good Charlotte was DJing. I realized then nightlife photography is not something I want to do.
4- April 2011: In April Singaporean superstar Jade Griffin came to NYC and I had one of the best studio tests I have ever had. We shot at 151 studios and had a great time doing it.
5- May 2011: In May (I believe) Elizabeth Taylor had just passed away and I wanted to do something to pay respect to the icon. We planned an Elizabeth Taylor inspired shoot featuring looks from A Little Night Music, Giant and Cleopatra. Above is the Cleopatra look we shot at the cloisters. I met Gayle on this shoot!
6- June 2011: In June I worked with 17 year old goddess Zoi from Silent Models. The girl is bound to be modeling for Victoria's Secret. 
7- July 2011: In July I worked with Ford beauty Madisen Taylor. We wandered around the lower east side and took pictures as we went.
8-August 2011: In August I did a behind the scenes editorial for Dstripped magazine! This is one of my favorite shoots to date.
9- September 2011: I worked with Caroline Pires for an editorial for Coco Magazine
10- October 2011: I got to take this photos of Matthew Settle while shooting with Kate Davis at the lambs club!
11- November 2011: After a bit of bad luck I finally had a shoot! And I loved it! This editorial will be coming out shortly 
12- December 2011: A minimalist shoot preview!

Friday, December 23, 2011

Intimate portrait series

I'm really excited to announce that I will be doing a portrait series! I'll be starting it up next week and I'm super excited to show everyone.

Also, Merry Christmas! 

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

American Apparel Part 2

Veronica @Fenton Moon
Make Up: Gayle Carbajal
Hair: Joey Oso
All clothes are from American Apparel 

Crochet Lace Jumper and Chiffon Double-Layered Shirred Waist Skirt

Unisex fisherman's pullover and dark wash high-waist jean cuff short

3-d flower mesh jumper and multi-layered reversible petticoat

China lace sleeveless dress 

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Day Twelve, Tom

I got to work with a friend from high school the other day. It was really nice. I don't get to see too many people from Riverdale anymore. We met up on the upper west side and just walked around and took pictures.
Here are a few

Day Eleven, Family

My family is starting to get together once a month for dinner. It usually includes my mom, my dad, Chad, my older sister, my cousin, my cousin's husband and her two kids. I've mentioned the boys before in my blog. They're beautiful. The youngest, Aiden, napped while I took photos but Justin was up and running around. He blew raspberries on everyone he could and made silly face for the camera. It was a good day.
Justin with my dad
Chad and Justin

Day Ten, Going home

Photos from our last day and the trip home
Harris Hill

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Day Nine, Published

I feel like poo today basically but that's fine. I received these two beautiful things in the mail
1.) My "Bathed in Light" Editorial was published in Reverie Magazine and I finally got the hard copy. Expensive little thing but I love it.
2.) My photos on the inside cover of singer Rani Singam's album "Contentment"

Friday, October 14, 2011

Day Eight, Elmira in the fall

Photos from our day running around town

Chad's parent's new house. 
The club chad plays at all the time

Chad in his old driveway 
Missy checking us out in the window
Harry is one of the sweetest dogs in the world
Harry checking to see what I was doing
Missy getting lots of loving from Chad
Cooper hiding
Harry with those sad eyes
Rainy end to the day