Wednesday, August 12, 2015

So, your Emily got married: A guide to handling this tough time in your life.

It happened.
Your Emily, or Emma as some of you know her, got married. 
The worst part? She didn't tell you about it. 
How rude! The nerve of her! How could she?!
I know, I know. You didn't deserve this tragedy in your life but here we are shocked, shaken and confused. I'll give you a moment to gather your thoughts or a drink.

You ok? 

Ok, good.

Now that you've had a second, please look over the following guide of FAQs to going through this new chapter in your life. Everything is changing for you now, hopefully this will help ease the transitional period and give you the answers you've been looking for.

Q: Did you get married because you're pregnant? OH MY GOD ARE YOU HAVING A BABY?
A: No. There is not baby and there will be no baby for awhile. We've got our hands nice and full with Charlie.

Q: When did this happen?
A: This happened on a very perfect Wednesday in May. 

Q: Why wasn't I invited?
A: You not being invited wasn't a slight at you. We just decided to do this (necessary step regardless of whether there is a big wedding or a small one) in private for ourselves. We got married, we didn't have a wedding. When we have a wedding, you will know.

Q: No one you knew was there? Who was your witness?? WHY WASN'T I INVITED???????????????????????????
A: We had a photographer, a witness and the court house officiant. That was it.

Q: Well then why didn't you tell me? Or anyone for that matter?
A: Originally, we weren't going to tell anyone. We hoped that when the time came to take care of the actual marriage part before our wedding we would just say "Oh, it's fine, we took care of it." Then I got too excited and just told a couple of people and posted a photo. The photos, as you will see below, are some of the most precious things in the world to me. I couldn't keep them to myself. I wanted to wait to tell most people in person however with the way that gossip works, that wasn't possible.

Q: What was the rush?
A: There is no real answer for this that might make sense to you. We wanted to start our lives together. People always say "when you know, you know" and it kind of sounds like bullshit until you actually feel it. The entire feeling is so overwhelming and powerful. We wanted to start this beautiful and crazy journey together. Plus, we each want to be the ones to scream "PULL THE PLUG DAMNIT!" If the occasion should ever arise. (edit: don't think I should need to put this here but this that last part is obviously a joke)

Q: Do your parents know? What did they say? Were they mad? What were you wearing when you told them? Was it sunny outside when you did? 
A: All parties are aware. They're all happy that we are happy.

Q: Is your sister mad that you got married first?
This is asked a lot. No, my sister doesn't give a shit. She's happy that I'm happy and me getting married before her did not destroy her own wonderful and happy relationship and turn her into an unhappy shrew. It was a close one though. Glad she kept it together. Thanks, D.

Q: I'm mad. I wasn't invited and you didn't even tell me. How can my life ever be the same again?
A: Another one I seem to be getting a lot. I encourage you to try to look past my sins. I beg for your forgiveness and I hope that life rebuilds for you. Everything you know has change and the entire world might have stopped turning but understand that it gets better. Go back to work or go for a walk. I hear that hugging babies and playing with puppies really helps in times of turmoil. Holding onto anger of not being told for the rest of your life must be exhausting, take a spa day to let out the tension. You can get through this. Before you know it (like in the next 5 minutes) your life will be the same and everything will return to normal. #itgetsbetter #yeswecan #sisepuede

Q: Wow! I feel better already! How did you know?
A: How did I know that me getting married would not effect your life in any way, shape or form?
Call it a hunch.

We hope this has been informative for you. If you have any other questions you can, of course, send your carrier pigeon with a note. Address available upon request.

*On a serious note, the people who did know before this post who have given us love and good wishes I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Your support has been very much appreciated.*

Below the photos from the day taken by the unbelievable Michelle Peralta. They are everything to me.

Quick notes on these photos:
-A HUGE thank you to Rachel Lynch of for helping to style me for the day.
-Unif Gamma Ray Jacket
-For Love and Lemons Ethereal Maxi Dress
-Wildfox Luna Sunglasses
-Strawberry purse is from Buffalo Exchange
-Bouquet was made from the roses Jonathan had given me when he gave me my diamond ring.
-The tattoos are simple. My favorite tattoo is the arrow I have on the left side of my ribs. Jonathan liked the meaning and liked the idea that he could always use it to point at me. I got "darling", what has called me pretty much everyday since we've met, in his handwriting on my wrist.