Saturday, December 31, 2011

Emma Lauren Photography in 2011

I can't believe another year has gone by.
Another beautiful, and sometimes troublesome, year has gone by.
I am somewhat relieved to see it go, these last few months have been stressful for me. 
I know we can always, at any time, decide to make a change to our lives and start fresh but the start of the new year is always a good starting point. It is for me at least.
I have met some of the most incredible people, I have done some insane things and I have, without a doubt, spent probably a total of a full month editing photos.
I regret nothing.
Here are photos I took this year. Starting in January and ending this December.
1-January 2011: I got to reunite with Blaine Morris. At the time she was doing anxiously awaiting MTV's Skins to premiere (Blaine played Betty Nardone on the show) I was lucky enough to have Blaine let me tag along with her on the adventure. We went to the writers room every week to watch the show. I got to meet the team behind the show. Everyone was incredible and beyond kind. For the last episode I got to meet Brian Elsley, who created all of the UK skins and the US one. He's a brilliant, wonderful man and I'm so grateful I got to meet him. It later helped pave the way for the (tragic) shoot I planned with Luke Pasqualino 
2- February 2011: In February I got to shoot my first published magazine editorial. In October of 2010 I went to a Halloween party at the Schinasi mansion on the upper west side. When I first began to plan out the shoot I knew I wanted it to have elegance but to be modern and the mansion was just the place to do it. Through a series of odd connections I was able to get in contact with Kara, who lived in the mansion. She was kind enough to give me access to the beautiful mansion for a full day. I had such a good time shooting that editorial. It was published the following month in INK Magazine 
3- March 2011: In March I took a weird break from shooting and picked up a couple of jobs taking photographs at clubs. The photograph above is from Juliet Supperclub when Benji Madden from Good Charlotte was DJing. I realized then nightlife photography is not something I want to do.
4- April 2011: In April Singaporean superstar Jade Griffin came to NYC and I had one of the best studio tests I have ever had. We shot at 151 studios and had a great time doing it.
5- May 2011: In May (I believe) Elizabeth Taylor had just passed away and I wanted to do something to pay respect to the icon. We planned an Elizabeth Taylor inspired shoot featuring looks from A Little Night Music, Giant and Cleopatra. Above is the Cleopatra look we shot at the cloisters. I met Gayle on this shoot!
6- June 2011: In June I worked with 17 year old goddess Zoi from Silent Models. The girl is bound to be modeling for Victoria's Secret. 
7- July 2011: In July I worked with Ford beauty Madisen Taylor. We wandered around the lower east side and took pictures as we went.
8-August 2011: In August I did a behind the scenes editorial for Dstripped magazine! This is one of my favorite shoots to date.
9- September 2011: I worked with Caroline Pires for an editorial for Coco Magazine
10- October 2011: I got to take this photos of Matthew Settle while shooting with Kate Davis at the lambs club!
11- November 2011: After a bit of bad luck I finally had a shoot! And I loved it! This editorial will be coming out shortly 
12- December 2011: A minimalist shoot preview!

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