Tuesday, July 29, 2014


This is the last day of my 22nd year. Tomorrow I embark on another year. When I look back at last year's blog post, I can remember how nervous I was about all of the changes that were about to take place in my life. This year has not been easy. It has tested my will power, my relationships and my respect for myself and in this year I have seen myself grow from careless youth and start (keyword being start) the move in to responsible. Suddenly, the conversations went from what club do you want to rage at to what bottle of wine do you think will compliment Andy Samberg's SNL episode. From worrying about the drama of everyone around me to only caring about the handful of people I can call my best friends and worrying more about work and my career  rather than what music festivals to go to. 

I still am unsure of my future but it's always around the my birthday that I remember that I am just turning 23 and I am still young. I don't need to have it figured out overnight. I trust that I'm on the right path, or at least beginning the journey to head down it.  I do know that I have learned more about myself this past year than any year before and I'm starting to become more comfortable and confident with who I am. That's a start. 

I don't even know what to say at this point. Birthdays make me really emotional.

Pre Birthday Portrait, July 29th 2014.

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