Saturday, August 16, 2014

Hologram obsessions

It's no secret that I'm obsessed with anything hologram. I love the shiny futuristic look from headpieces  to nails to shirts to pants and to shoes. Give me all of it.

The lovely ladies at Spy Love Buy fed into my hologram obsession and sent over these silver hologram beauties. The second I saw them, I knew I had to pair them with the UNIF Moto Jacket that I picked up from Shop Blonde. The shoes are a dream. Since my knee surgery last winter, heels have been something I've struggled with. The LoveME silver hologram shoes from Spy Love Buy is a platform shoe which i've found to be much easier. They have so many varieties of shoes on their site. Be sure to check them out to find your new favorite pair!

Photos by Rachel Lynch of

Short Vest Printed with Eclipse from The Front Row Shop
UNIF Gamma Ray Moto Jacket available at Nasty Gal but bought at Shop Blonde
Sunglasses from ZeroUV
Skirt from LF


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  1. To be honest, all the photography work you have done rocks. I really enjoyed the photography most.