Tuesday, September 16, 2014


 A fun quick project I did with some lovely friends.
Model: Rachel Lynch of Ihateblonde.com
Make up by Adrienne Cahill 
Illustrations by Krystal Quiles 

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  1. The New York photography has made a colorful, vivid re-creation of the legendary artist’s Mexico City garden. It perfectly echoes her passionate, vibrant life.
    Lush foliage and vivid yellow flowers surround a bright blue wall proclaiming “Frida y Diego vivieron en etsa casa, 1929-1954.”
    Visitors pass this entrance and enter an oasis of nature—zinnias, calla-lillies, Lady’s Eardrops, giant green philodendron leaves—an explosion of color and plants and flowers cocoon the garden paths.
    More varieties of cacti than have possibly ever shared the same space rise in all their prickly glory out of flower beds and terra-cotta pots.