Monday, January 24, 2011

A side note

I almost forgot what this blog was actually for. 
On my old tumblr blog I wrote this as my reasoning for my blogging:
"Most you can imagine (check out what goes on behind the scenes! Look at out takes! Videos from the shoot! YAY!) but the main reason I have this blog set up is for my family. A lot of them can’t really figure out why I do this. They can’t picture what goes on in my head for a shoot. Since they’ve branded me to be unfocused they think a lot of what I do is luck, unplanned and pretty but my work has no true meaning or worth behind it. I find it frustrating to explain myself to them over and over again so this is mostly for them. They might not be happy with what I do but I am. I guess that’s all I can do.
So to all of my friends and family who have been following me on this journey (whether you believe in what I do or not) this is for you. 
This is for me to sort out my thoughts and put a place for my inspiration. You’ll get the goods on for behind the scenes, the out takes and the videos so just follow along.
But like I said this is dedicate to the family who still isn’t behind me 100%
Lucy, this is for you."
It's still true. I still want to be able to show people what goes through my head when I work. 
So, here we go...

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