Monday, September 19, 2011

Bathed in Light

Look you guys! I'm keeping up with my blog!
So I just was lucky enough to have my next editorial published in Reverie Magazine.
I'm so happy! I was in such a funk, I can't even really explain it. I just got lost and felt disconnected from my art. I've heard a lot of artists go through that though so I guess it isn't a crazy thing to go through.
I was just really really hard on myself which sucks.
Just finally relaxing and not stressing over my work. It will come naturally and I just need to make myself happy and stop worrying about everyone else (except hair, make up, wardrobe, model and agent. They have to be pretty happy with the shoot too) 
You get my drift.
These are they photos that made the cut and a couple of behind the scenes photos too. There are also some outtakes that didn't make it. There is also free food at the end of this.

Behind the scenes
Other photos from the shoot...
So there is no free food but if I could give you some, trust me, I would. 
Make-up: Gayle Carbajal
Styling: Rachel Thalia and Natalie Kucken 
Model: Alecta Hill @IMG
And a super special HUGE thank you to Shir Levy and the Levy family for letting us use their beautiful home for this shoot. 

More stuff coming soon...

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