Saturday, September 17, 2011

Fashion week!

I hate fashion week. 
It's such a shit show. All of my friends run around and get really cranky and most of the time end up sick. I'm sure it could be a lot of fun going to after parties and tons of shows (which even then seems stressful to me) 
I just get frustrated because I want to start planning shoots and agencies just kind of shut down bceause 90% of their board is on the runway.
(And they look great while doing it so congrats girls and boys. Seriously) 
I don't know. I guess I just don't drink enough of the Kool-aid to really love it.

But that didn't stop me from going to a show.
I went with my absolutely incredible team, Joey Oso, Gayle Carbajal and Kerry Gibbons
We saw the Native Son show at Pier 59. 
It was my first show and it was pretty interesting to see how it all went down. It was 11 am and once you got inside to the main show there was a bar with champagne vodka and orange juice. You could enjoy one or two or all three at 11AM. It was glorious. 
Anyway, the show started and the clothes were really great. Beautiful boys walking up and down the runway while you heard every camera snapping away. There was even a man, in a very brightly colored shirt I might add, who was taking photos with his iPad. It looked pretty funny amongst all the SLR cameras. 
Anyway, it was fun the clothes were great, the guys were great and the drinks were great. So I guess it was a success. Cool.

Oh hi
This guy (I'm sorry I'm singling you out!) fainted when they were all standing. Poor thing. They need to feed and hydrate these models!
iPad guy, photo courtesy of Gayle Carbajal

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