Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Day Five, Dstripped Magazine

With an hour left in the day I find myself listening to Christmas music (NEVER TOO EARLY) and giddy. In August I had a really fantastic shoot that was finally released today. Over the summer I really felt lost and disconnected with my work. I felt as if I was doing it for all of the wrong reasons and you could just see how lost I was. I just felt really upset and doubtful about my work.
That changed with this shoot. As it says in the magazine (READ IT HERE! IT'S COOL! OH BOY LOOK HERE! CLICK HERE! CLIIIIICCCCKKKK) I had wanted to do a shoot like this for awhile. I was overly inspired and incredibly excited to finally do it. We all worked really hard and I think it shows. Emma got her groove (and confidence) back.

Here are the rest of the photos from the shoot. Please leave a comment and let me know what you think!
Make up: Gayle Carbajal
Hair: Joey Oso
Wardrobe: LP FashionPhilosophy 
Model: Dayana @ Fentonmoon

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  1. gorgeous pictures! i love the one on the stairs!!