Monday, October 10, 2011

Day Four, Kate

Yesterday I shot of an advertisement for an Oregon based speaker company. I shot with Bassist Kate Davis and The Lambs Club on 44th street. The restaurant was beautiful and we had the upstairs area to play with. However, when we got upstairs there was another photoshoot going on. We were able to agree upon working around each other. (I'm going to be honest right now I have a massive ton of editing to do so I'm not really in the mood to write. Please excuse me while I get the details out and show you pictures) 
The photoshoot was for Matthew Settle aka Ruffus Humphrey aka Dan's dad in Gossip Girl.
It was cool.
Kate performed while we shot and I think we got great photos.
Matthew took quite a liking to Kate and we ended up with this lovely "wedding" photo
After we got the picture we needed for the advertisement we took some silly picture. As we shot I kept in mind this video editorial about how a young girl keeps herself entertained when she's in a big space all my herself. I guess the photos were kind of inspired by that. There are only a few but I love them. 

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