Thursday, October 13, 2011

Day six, Riverdale Kingsbridge Academy

I had a doctors appointment in Riverdale yesterday and I'm healthy yay! But enough of that.
I had sometime to kill before my appointment so I dragged Chad with me to my old high school. 
I've been reading some terrible things about the principal and how parents and teacher and starting to turn on her (I think the class of '09 saw this one coming from a mile away) 
I wanted to check in on a couple of my favorite teachers. One of my favorite teachers, Mrs. Hughes, retired. When I saw her last year she couldn't wait to get out of the school so I'm glad she finally was able to do so. I saw the gym teacher all the girls use to crush on. I two of my crazy English teachers and my old history teacher who I awkwardly said hi to and he kept walking.  I guess I look a lot different from this:
I feel a lot different from that girl. I feel like I've grown up a lot and that's just not who I am.
But enough of that
I got to see my all time favorite teacher (no offense any teachers who are reading this) Mr. Stahl.
That man kept me sane in RKA. He had a great sense of humor and is so wise. I really appreciated having him to go to while I was there. 
It was a trip down memory lane and now here or some pictures from that trip. 
Taking the 10 bus up 
The footbridge I crossed over almost every morning for 7 years (middle school/high school) 
Middle school students


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