Friday, October 7, 2011

Day one, shame night

I have to start a daily photo blog (I'll tell you why soon) so here we go:
Last night was a shameful night.
I met up with my beautiful friend Mari to catch up, drink and watch the game. It was a terrible and sad game and my heart is broken. The Yankees let me down.
I was decked out in my Yankees shirt and sweatshirt and I shamefully walked with Mari around. We were going to the train when some tool said something about the Yankees. The guy was about 40 years old and because I am a tiny 5'0 tall nugget he was huge next to me, everyone is.
We yelled at each other and then boom next thing I know we're fighting. Actually fighting. Hitting each other and spitting and screaming. Mari was yelling at him and trying to pull us apart. Finally we did I heard people calling 911. I walked a couple of steps and just started to cry. I'm not sure why I wasn't really hurt but I guess I was in shock. This incredible couple came over and made sure I was alright. I was and I am ok. The douche pulled out a good chunk of my hair and when we were fighting he hit my head on this gate outside of a store which is bruised. My stomach is a little sore and so are a couple of spots on my legs but I'm grateful that's all there is. I filed a police report and that's that.
This guy was an asshole though who the fuck beats up on a girl. Alyson said I "pulled a season 1 Snooki"
I look at it like I'm just got into a fight with a huge woman because no guy that hits a girl deserves to be called a man.
Anyway I took a couple of photos from the night (none of the fight sorry) 
Walking to Bleeker, Caliente Cab
My beautiful friend Mari
The bar
A bar local
A photo Mari took of me stressing over the game
My favorite sever watching the Yankee game with us
The fucking moment the Yankees blew it.

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