Monday, February 24, 2014

National Zoo

The first time I went to Washington DC was a disaster. It was 3 years ago and I was visiting my ex boyfriend while he was doing a music program. The entire trip was a disaster. My allergies kept me sniffling and puffy, it rained the entire time and I ended up seeing a man get robbed. I was over it and never wanted to go back.

When I told B about this told me about how he spent entire summer in DC and convinced me to give it another chance. We went in December of 2012 and he was totally right. Washington DC was beautiful and a great little escape from New York. We went back for a slightly longer vacation in April of 2013 and planned to go back again sometime in the fall. 

After my knee surgery those plans were put on hold but I was aching to go back. My favorite animal is a panda and I anxiously waited each week to get my schedule and figure out if I could head out to see the new baby panda at the National Zoo. I was finally able to get out there this weekend with my lovely mother. We both needed to get away from the city for a bit and just enjoy some really cute animals at the zoo. It was a great bonding trip for us. 

I don't want to say seeing Bao Bao, the baby panda, was the greatest moment of my life because that would just be sad but it was a very excellent moment. 

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