Sunday, February 16, 2014

This week on Instagram (February 9th - February 16th)

This week has been a boring one. I want to blog about my adventures and the different things I'm doing with my life but New York has been a snowy, slushy, disgusting mess. My knee has been particularly achy this past week so I've spent time at home, getting photos in order for a project I have coming up and more importantly hiding from the sleet that I'm terribly afraid of slipping on.

I hope this week I'll be able to take more photos and share more on the blog. I'm toying with ideas of bringing a fashion blog aspect of it, more portraits, more editorials (although editorials will probably have to wait until it's warmer out)

Anyway, this is what happened this week via instagram. Can't wait for Sundays to see the highlights? See it all and follow me HERE

Bad Pussies mural by Richard and Alex's apartment.

Chopin, a little pup we met at a cafe.

Absolutely incredible brunch at Clinton Street Bakery
Jcrew necklace appreciation 


Charlie in bed

 More snow

 Goodies B brought home from the Marc Jacobs after party

Roses from my love on Valentine's Day

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