Friday, May 23, 2014

Concord, MA

Last week My Love took me to his hometown. We got off of the commuter rail right around dusk. At first glance from the train station, the town was simple and reminded me of when I would go to Long Island to visit my cousin. A couple of restaurants here and there, some small boutiques and a funeral home were the only things in sight. I started to write it off as just another version of Long Island when My Love started to take me towards the hotel. It was a 20 minute walk from the train station but I was able to get so many stories on that walk. My Love told me of all of the places his friends use to live, where he use to party and what he was like when he lived there. This was his first time back in Concord in over 6 years and I could see the nostalgia washing over him.

When My Love and I finally settled into our hotel after dinner we decided to indulge in a luxury we don't have in our New York apartment. We decided to take a nice hot bath (we only have a shower in our apartment) We sat together and talked about how our hometowns shaped who we have become and  how happy we are to not be there anymore. My Love put his arms around me and whispers how thankful to not be 20 something in a quiet town full of families and to have found his way to New York and to have found his way to me. It's a moment I wish I could keep preserved forever.

At the end of the night we crawl into the king sized bed and I had one of the most peaceful nights I've had in awhile. It's amazing how well a girl can sleep when you lose the noise of the city around you. The last time I slept that well I was when we went to North Carolina for Christmas.

In the morning we walked back into town and My Love gave me a recap on the history of town since we could now see more in the daylight. He showed me the boathouse he use to work at and I was finally able to see all of the amazing houses. Each one had the loveliest trees and flowers decorating the yard. It was hard to enjoy fully with my allergies but I enjoyed it nonetheless.

The actual town of Concord is adorable. It's everything I imagine when I think of small suburban town. Antique shops, candy shops, white churches and tiny book stores. We left pretty early after we ate and did some antiquing but I would absolutely go back. We're hoping to go back in the summer so we can go kayaking and explore more of the neighborhood. I didn't fall in love with Boston but Concord stole a piece of my heart.

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