Monday, May 19, 2014


I'm going to start this blog post with a truth. It's not a surprising truth but it is my truth. 
I, Emma Lauren, do not like Boston. 
I know, how shocking! A New Yorker doesn't like Boston! I say it to my friends and can't help but hear a foul mouthed Yankees fan yelling obscenities at a Red Sox in my mind. Let's take all of the sports rivalries out and just talk about the basic fact that Boston isn't for me. 
Dear friends who live and love Boston, I'm sure it works for you and it must treat you well. I don't mean to offend you one bit. 

From the second I got off the bus I could see it was cute and had it's adorable little spots but it really just reminded me of those movies you see where the setting is "New York" but you can tell that it very obviously is not. Now don't get me wrong, Boston is beautiful but to me there's something missing in it. It doesn't pack the punch like New York does. Maybe it's because there are less people or maybe it's because there are just different kind of people. When I went to Washington DC I fell in love for some reason. I loved how it was it's own city and not what felt like a weird attempt of a clone of another city. Maybe it was because we only had two days  and we were running around like crazy but I really couldn't connect with Boston.

With that said, I still had a lovely time there. I had a blast at the aquarium, the Museum of Science and especially the Museum of Fine Arts. Exploring Harvard with my love was a blast while we contemplated things we possibly could have done if we had chosen different paths in our lives with schools. We sat in the Harvard quad (trust me, it's taken a lot of my strength to keep myself from telling people I was in "Hah-Vah-D Yah-D) while B daydreamed of what it would have been like if he had applied and gotten into Harvard.  We later went back to Concord, my love's hometown (that blog post is coming on Friday), spent the night talking about the past and our futures I absolutely loved Concord. It was beautiful and lovely and so quiet. It was peaceful to fall asleep in a king sized bed with the sounds of cars and and people missing. Again, more on Concord on Friday. 

At the end of the day, I'm not sure I gave Boston a fair enough chance. Maybe when we go back in the summer we'll be less rushed and I can appreciate it for it being it's own city with it's own history. Until then I will forever stay faithful to my first love, New York. Where we hustle and bustle about on this small, chaotic island.  I will stay loyal to my little stylish slice of heaven. Where people won't judge me  for my gold sequin pants while they stand in a clique of friends wearing  Harvard Law sweatshirts, black leggings and Uggs. I guess I owe Boston a thank you, it has made me love my city even more.

I hope we can get along better in the future. I hope when I go back I take all of it in and realize what the city has to offer me that I can't get from New York. I know it's there, I do, I just have to find it. I'm not giving up on you just yet Boston. I'll see you next time. 

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