Friday, June 13, 2014


I've recently started collaborating with the goddess behind Stone Cooper. I'll be doing a full post on her soon with more details on the site but here is what you need to know right now:
Kat rules. Stone Cooper rules. 
All of her pieces are so unique and beautiful. For Governor's Ball, Kat made Rachel and I custom headpieces that we fell in love with. All of the headpieces from Stone Cooper are one of a kind and so affordable. Check them out HERE. I also picked out two of my favorite necklaces from the collection, a wishbone and birthday candle. Both are solid brass and have the most insane detail. I've had a the Marc Jacobs wishbone necklace before and it was boring and pretty generic. Stone Cooper's necklace is incredible because you can see the details of the bone in the brass. The birthday candle is another detail masterpiece because each necklace has it's own personality. Each candle has different ways of which the wax melts down the candle. So much attention to detail and it's all perfect. You can find them HERE
I know I seem as if I'm being brief but I promise there will be a bigger more detailed post with Kat and all of her incredible pieces. 

As mentioned above, headpieces are all one of a kind.
Wishbone necklace from Stone Cooper
Melted Birthday Candle necklace from Stone Cooper
Ribbon Gown from Harare NY


  1. So, the internet is weird. Came across your FB profile and couldn't stop looking at ALL the photos. I'm sure you didn't take all of them, but I guess you did a good job crafting them and putting them all together, because they tell an amazing story. Then I found a link to the "how to love your depressed lover" and it was sweet and beautiful. I am too one of the lucky depressed people who've had the luck of finding someone who loves me even when I'm falling into pieces.
    Also, you look like a really cool person.

    Cheers, keep doing a good job.

    1. Thank you so much! I really appreciate your kinds words.