Wednesday, June 11, 2014

No Place I'd Rather Be.

Summer is HERE! I'm so incredibly grateful to feel over heated. I know that sounds kind of weird but I'd rather be in the sun and then head into shade than be cold everywhere I go. 

I took a week off from the blog last week to regroup my thoughts and finish a lot of things I needed to do. I went to Governors Ball last weekend and had an incredible time. I think I'll actually do a little Throwback Thursday post tomorrow and post all of the photos because it was such a blast. I ended up getting sick on Saturday because I was in the sun for too long but I still was so happy to see The Strokes and Disclosure. 

In the week that I took off, I started realizing the role that people have in my life. In the past few months, I've been lucky to find people who I love with all of my heart and love me back just as much. I have a pretty solid group of girlfriends, which is something I'm not use to. I know, I know, I can hear the cliche of "I only hang out with boys because it's less drama" but for awhile in my life that was true. My family was made up of the boys I lived with in Washington Heights and for awhile they would protect me from my girlfriends wanting me to go out to dinner and talk about why I was so depressed for three months. When I finally started getting out of my slump I started going out for manicures with my girlfriends or dinner or a drink or two and eventually I would be planning entire evenings away from the boys and B. I never realized how important it is to have those girlfriends in your life. I always thought it was a sad psychotic mess of complaining about needing men and getting irrationally upset over similar manicures. 

To my ladies who have been there for me the past few months, I owe you a lot. Thank you for taking me out of my shell and helping me find my happiness in all of you and in myself. I love looking for dog photos to tag you in on instagram, shooting with you on my roof, getting different shades of purple manicures with you and drinking wine while our boyfriends cook us dinner. You're all absolutely wonderful and you've absolutely have changed my life for the better. 

Now, I've realized I've gone off track here because this is, after all, a style post. I'll come back to this in another post. Last week was really eye opening for me.

For this week's style post I decided to go spring casual. I've been collecting more and more heels since I can now walk in them again post knee surgery. I decked myself in Mink Pink and these perfect white Jeffery Campbells that pop with color in the heel with doughnuts. Yes, you heard me right. Doughnuts.  The pants from Mink Pink are a mixture between harem pants and sweat pants and are perfect for breezy days. Photos by the beautiful goddess Brittanny Taylor.

Laser Cut Faux Leather top from Mink Pink
Floral Printed pants from Mink Pink
Icy Doughnuts wedge booties from Jeffrey Campbell
Bel Air sunglasses from Wildfox
Carissa Floppy Hat from Nasty Gal

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  1. awe bae this is beautiful! photos look great and your writing was heart touching <3