Thursday, June 12, 2014

Throwback Thursday: Governors Ball

As I mentioned yesterday, I went to Governors Ball last weekend. I had also gone the year prior and it was incredible how completely different the two years were. In 2013, the remnants of hurricane Andrea moved it's way up to New York and completely washed out the first day of the festival. We were all in shin deep mud waiting for performs to come on the stage. They would play a song or two and then be told to get off of the stage because they could get electrocuted. There was no grass anywhere to be found on Randall's Island because it had all been stomped on and pushed down into the mud. The next day was sunny and temperate but the grounds were still terrible. I lost some good shoes to the mud that year.

This year was a completely different experience. The weather was beautiful and there was grass everywhere. It was cushy and soft and perfect to sit on. The performances were lengthy and phenomenal and it made me forget how much of a struggle the year before was. We were thrilled. We got to see Outkast, which is a group I thought I had missed out on seeing live when they broke up, we danced (while trying not to overheat) to Disclosure and even got to hang out with RJ of RJD2.  It was a great weekend.

Here are some photos I snapped on my phone from the experience. In the photos you'll see I'm wearing a quartz headpiece. The headpiece was custom made for me by just for Governor's Ball. I couldn't have asked for a better piece. It matches everything, it's super simple and most of all, it's custom for me! Every headpiece from Stone Cooper is a one of a kind piece that ranges in the $30-45 price range and uses real crystals and metals. I'll be doing a bigger post on the company soon so just wait!

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