Friday, June 27, 2014

Party at The Plaza

This week has been a fancy one.
I went to the opening performance of the Boston Ballet at Lincoln Center last night. The performance was amazing. Just so beautiful in every way. 
On Monday my friends and I gathered at The Plaza hotel to celebrate our lovely friend Rachel for her birthday. It was my first time in the hotel and I was blown away. Everything from the hotel room to the elevators is beautiful. We drank the yummiest champagne and used the empty bottles to play spin the bottle. We played never have I ever and all hid when room service came so we wouldn't get caught having a party. I had so much fun hanging with everyone. Here are the photos from our wild night. Photos were taken by me, the fabulous Phillip Van Nostrand and the lovely Jen Senn.

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  1. Beautiful pictures! Happy Birthday Rachel wishing you a beautiful day and year filled with lots of love, bliss, money and success but especially sex!