Monday, June 30, 2014

Hello Vans, Goodbye Fiddlesticks

Hung out in Brooklyn with my two favorite babes and went to the Vans. We listened to some great music and met some fun people and then went into manhattan to say goodbye to fiddlesticks for one last night with B.

Ok, ok, I have to be honest here. I'm writing this blog post on Sunday night and I just found out that my friends surprised me by coming to NYC with Gatsby, the dog who means the world to me. I'm an uncontrollable ball of emotion and I can't write anything because I need to go to my pup. 

Basically here is what you need to know:
Got a disposable camera
Got really drunk
Had a blast at the Vans party
Said a final adios to Fiddlesticks
Loved wearing this outfit from UNIF. Look out for it Wednesday on the blog for more details. 

Love you, bye. 

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