Saturday, March 22, 2014

Adrienne Cahill

On Thursday I got to hang out with the always lovely Addy. She's an old friend of B's from home and I met her at our friend Sybil's birthday party. We connected over a mutual love of the arts and bonded later over a project we'll collaborating on with my best friend. We spent the day wandering the lower east side talking eating sweets (it was national macaron day), talking about our upcoming projects and taking as many photos as we could. Addy is always thinking outside of the box and easily one of the most creative girls I have ever met. She's currently finishing up her film Burying Marilyn, starring with her boyfriend in a hilarious web series called Homebodies and just launched a kickstarter for her new project with friend Lily Azrielant called So Delicious (this pussy doesn't have teeth). All project are under the production company she cofounded called Lofty Entertainment

I was so excited when we finally found time in both of our schedules to get together and shoot. 

Kimono from Band of Gypsies 
Sunglasses from ZeroUV

Dress from H&M
Belt from Buffalo Exchange 
Necklace from Anthropologie
Sunglasses from ZeroUV 

 Sunglasses from ZeroUV
Necklace from Anthropologie 
Dress from Nasty Gal

Necklace from J Crew
Sunglasses from ZeroUV
Dress from BB Dakota

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