Thursday, March 13, 2014

Throwback Thursday: Polaroids

Found a folder with all of my Polaroid scans today and just marveled at how many memories I have captured on little tiny squares of film. 

Our old apartment in Washington Heights


The first picture I ever took with my Instax camera of my two favorite boys



Hiding my face from Brian

My Gatsby



Brandon Miss J Alexander and I 

Cynthia Miss J and Brian 

Handsome boys at the Uptempo magazine party 



My two favorite rings


Uptempo Magazine party

Pillow fights at the Mondrian Soho 

Love from my love and one of my very best friends 


Mondrian Soho 

End of the night

My hair being fixed after by Kelly after an Ombre disaster with another stylist

Ty and Gatsby 

Brandon and I 

22nd birthday: Noah, Chad and I 

My love and Brandon 

 Will and Alyson 
Amanda and Chris 

 Nicole and Alyson 
Me on my 22nd birthday 

 Rachel and Audrey 

 My roommates and I before we all split up 
 Michelle Madisen and Alyson 
Alyson and Richard 

22nd birthday 

Brandon, Jacob, Josh, Matthew and Kelly 

Will, Brandon, Amanda and Richard

Brandon and I 

Alyson Rachel and Audrey 

Kelly, Jacob, Josh and Matthew

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