Sunday, March 30, 2014

Emma Does Her Nails

Back to blogging this week. I took off last week to clear my head, it was an anxious week for no reason in particular. In reality this week was pretty great. I had meetings, I saw Waiting For Godot with my love, my best friend came into the city and I had a couple of really hilarious nights with some really great friends. 

Well now I'm back to shoot and post. Usually on Sunday's I do a small weekly recap of somethings I posted on Instagram but this week I'm going to do something a little different. 
I've had a surprising amount of people ask me about my manicures and where the inspiration came from and stuff. So here we go, a brief post on manicures:

I end up finding a lot of inspiration for designs on pinterest. I usually will see pin like the one on the left and just go with a new color.

I'm such a huge fan of glitter gradient manicures. I saw the manicure on the left and it kind of reminded me of the red and gold colors (it's actually just a glare on the nails) associated with the astrological sign Leo. As a very proud Leo I decided to put my own spin on it.

Sometimes I just get inspired by colors I find online. 

Again, Pinterest can be one of the best places to find manicure inspiration. Decided to go with a silver glitter instead of a reflective polish for this manicure. 

Bachelorette was a pretty terrible movie but Lizzy Caplan's nails in the movie were pretty damn memorable. I loved the dark red with a bright pop of white in a half moon mani.

Did I mention that I LOVE glitter gradient manicures? I saw this manicure in the picture on the left and went straight to the salon and was able to find a person who could replicate it. The colors were inspired by winter and ice because this winter, when I got the manicure, was terrible and just so cold. Decided if it was going to be cold I might as well just embrace my inner ice fairy. 

I hope you enjoyed this short break from the photography blog and I hope this answers some questions. 
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  2. I love the glitter gradient!!