Wednesday, March 5, 2014

I'm Feelin rough, I'm Feelin raw, I'm in the prime of my life.

Trying a little something different with this post today.
This blog is always going to stay true to my one true love (sorry B) photography. Unfortunately a lot of the stuff I shoot takes time to plan, shoot, edit and wait for publication so I've been waiting for other things to fill this blog with. One of my not so secret obsessions is fashion. I'm not one of the girls who obsesses all of the latest shows and wearing all of the trendiest things. I'm more of a "wear what makes me confident no matter how silly it might be" sort of girl. Once in awhile if something really strikes me I'll splurge on a good piece that I know I'll get really good use out of but for the most part I stick to $100 or less (usually less. A girl has to pay her rent)

My boyfriend is also pretty into fashion, which is no secret to our friends. He currently works at the Marc Jacobs collection store and comes home with absolutely incredible pieces and sometimes he'll even bring some for me!

This first post is a pretty good start to show where we shop and how we style ourselves. We'll start with my love, B.

Black leather jacker from Marc Jacobs not sold anymore but you can find a similar cut of it HERE
White cotton sweater is unknown
Black jeans are from Levis
Laser cut boots are from Marc Jacobs

Black boots from Marc Jacobs with laser cut floral detail.

I'm just so obsessed with this leather jacket. I love the blue detail at the zipper and the off centered zipper. Can you blame me for making B wear this around the house all the time?

I also decided to rock a leather jacket yesterday.

Leather jacket from Buffalo Exchange ($15)
Dress from Buffalo Exchange ($8) *Find similar cut floral print dresses for under $50 HERE and HERE
Black fur lined wedges from Marc Jacobs
Panda Purse from the National Zoo when I went to visit Bao Bao. 

Necklace from Buffalo Exchange ($6.50)
Three stone ring turquoise from Buffalo Exchange ($5)
One of a kind ring from Marc Jacobs

My favorite earring is from, you guessed it, Buffalo Exchange and was $4.50.

"Buffalo Exchange sounds awesome and super affordable! Where can I find them?"
You can find a store near you HERE!
And yes, I did just ask and answer a made up question. You're welcome.

You can expect a style post from B and I at least once a week and stay tuned for some other new things coming to the blog soon!


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