Friday, April 11, 2014

(Carefully) Dreaming of Fall

Like most people in New York, I'm welcoming spring with open arms. I'm welcoming all of the rooftop hangout sessions in the warm sun, the days of sitting in Washington Square Park while eating lavender ice cream from Sundaes and Cones and eventually getting the days getting warm enough that I can sit and watch movies in the park and do evening picnics. I don't even want to acknowledge fall or winter because just thinking about them gives me a chill I'm not ready for.

Last Tuesday I went over to offices of Kravetz PR to check out some fall previews. Even though I'm ferociously against the cold weather, the wall of Big Buddah bags that welcomed me when I walked through the door got me a little excited for Autumn

This season, Big Buddah went with a lot of structure in their looks. Each bag has metal pieced into the bag whether in be in handle or as a bold long tassels running down the the side. Fitting beautiful metallics with the perfect fall colors of such as black, navy and cognac had me drooling. 

My favorite was this beautiful navy crossbody bag. Crossbody bags are usually my go to bag. I can keep my hands free while keeping my bag close. My favorite part of this beautiful bag is the buckle. As you can see in the picture the buckle rests as a diamond shape but in order to open the bag you turn the diamond into a straight square and open away. 

Next to all of these amazing bags was another part of my heaven, shoes. I got to preview some of Steven Madden's new fall line and even some of the companies he works with and owns. His collaboration with Keyshia Cole was so successful that they teamed up again to design another collection. It's no secret that I love my wild shoes so I was instantly drawn to these graffiti covered heels. 

I already have a pair of custom Doc Martens that some of my friends tagged up so why not add a pair of heels to that list?

My other favorite shoes were from the Steve Madden owned company Report Signature. The designer brought the idea of a white shoe to a new place. Instead of having an all white bright bootie, they decided to give the canvas a cracked paint look. As if that wasn't enough of a pop they added a silver dipped point to the shoe.

The dream continued in the next room with Miz Mooz where it was vintage inspired heaven. The shoes  were all beautifully crafted and menswear inspired all while not being afraid to bring bright colors to fall. I fell hopelessly in love with their boots. I have pair of boots from a pretty big leather company and spent hundreds of dollars only to have them basically disintegrate. When I touched the leather on the Miz Mooz shoes I could immediately feel the difference. Even better than that, they were at least $200 cheaper. 

My other favorite pair from Miz Mooz were the brown leather booties with a gold sequin accent. I'm pretty much all about anything with sequins (especially with gold sequins). The sequins reminded me of  fish scales that you would find on a mermaid. I will absolutely be purchasing a pair asap. 

Next to the racks of Miz Mooz stood a table with jewelry from Meira T. The jewelry is jaw dropping. The line is filled with middle eastern influences and the designer takes stones does beautiful things with them. Above is a stunning necklace that has thin diamond slices around the the beautiful gold chain along with a pendant that has tiny diamonds surrounded by bigger colored diamonds. It's an unbelievable piece to see. I love the designer's ability to keep the stones looking natural as seen in the photo below. 

The last preview I saw brought me right back to my love of warmer weather. The swimwear line by Lisa Blue  is a big splash of bright colors. I was blown away when I took a closer look. The fabrics used for this swimwear are so soft. I told Billy, my preview guide from Kravetz PR, that I would be afraid to get the suits wet but he assured me that they were water safe and I had nothing to worry about.  Best part of this swimwear? 25% of the profit is donated to helping save the whales and dolphins. 

My favorite piece was this blue cover up. The print on the chiffon beauty was a stunning group of blue and purple feathers, which is perfect because being anywhere windy with a chiffon piece makes me feel like almost like a bird.

I had such a blast hanging with the Kravetz PR crew and previewing the new lines. I can't wait to incorporate some of these pieces into my wardrobe!

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