Monday, April 21, 2014


I loved our old building in Washington Heights with all of my heart. It had an elevator (for when I was being lazy), it use to have roof access that had a beautiful view of the river and the George Washington Bridge and we had some of the best neighbors. The building had a lot of young people in it who lived uptown to escape astronomical rents and still have enough room. When one of us would throw a party we'd all come over, then leave to go hang at another person's apartment and then go over to another person's apartment to play video games. It was what I imagined living in a dorm  would be like.

When we moved into our new home our neighbor situation was a little different. Everyone was just a little bit older and while everyone is incredibly nice, I don't see too many people doing what we use to do. I finally recognize a lot of faces and while I don't know too many names it's nice to say hello.

One of the neighbors I talk to the most is Mark. I run into him the most in the building and he's a really cool dude. We'll hang at the bar close to the apartment or on our roof from time to time and it's nice to be able to say "I have cool neighbors" again.

So here are a couple of photos I took of Mark on our roof one day and I'm hoping I'll get to shoot again with him soon.

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