Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Forever I See You And Me

It's been an insane week. I don't have much to say about it except for that. I'm currently obsessed with some of the new looks to come out of Urban Outfitters. They've been offering some dressier looks including their new collaboration with Betsey Johnson. Together, Urban and Betsey have created sophisticated looks that have almost a 90's feel. The nostalgia of the 90's and Betsey Johnson create a happiness I simply can't resist. 

This look that Urban supplies is from another company I just can't get enough of, Ecote. They have really fun looks that, to me, bridge that gap at from fun part wear to the more sophisticated wear. You still have all of the dresses that you could wear to Coachella or Governors Ball but you could also wear them to a small get together or even to a casual dinner party. I became obsessed with this dress because it has two of my favorite things: lace and beading. The baby doll shape of the dress adds extra spunk to the dress that makes it pop more and shows off lots of leg.

Title from this week's song obsession Forever by Haim 

Ecote Sea Gypsy Beaded Babydoll Dress from Urban Outfitters 
Xpert wedges from Steve Madden 

Ear cuff from Romwe but is no longer on website 

B is a still hanging on to the last bit of winter by keeping the sweaters out. With a little bit of a breeze blowing, B will wear a sweater. With a little bit of a breeze and a little bit of sun I'm in a dress and soaking it all up.

Hawkings and McGill sweater from Urban Outfitters (no longer on site) 
Shoes from Marc Jacobs
Pants from Marc Jacobs

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