Wednesday, April 16, 2014

You help me lose my mind

Spring in full effect in NYC. I know I've been talking about the weather a lot recently on the blog but it's hard not to when I've been dreaming of warm weather all winter. It feels so good to not have to wear tights and can just sit outside and soak up the sun and the east village. I found out this week that I have roof access so I've been also soaking up lots of lunar love at night while drinking wine with good friends.

I have some really projects coming up that I can't wait to tell you about. I'll be shooting a couple of things for a couple of different popular magazines, I'll be working with a pretty big DJ again in a couple of months and will have a full feature of him on the blog. A lot of really good things are happening.

This weeks style post mixes a lot of our favorite things. For me, it's long dresses, shiny accessories and jeweled shoes. For B, it's looking like a grandfather (his words, not mine). For Charlie, it's being outside.

*Title from Help Me Lose My Mind by Disclosure because I can't stop playing it*

I'm wearing the Ecote Neima Gauze Coin Trapeze Dress from Urban Outfitters.
(As a little note, it took me such a long time to be able to feel comfortable as a short girl in a long dress or in a jumper but now that I've found some good length pieces I can't stop. The number of maxi dresses and jumpers that have come into my wardrobe this year is comical. So to all my shorties out there, DON'T BE AFRAID TO DO IT!)
Headwrap from Urban Outfitters (similar here)
Snake earring is from Buffalo Exchange
Prizzy Sandals are from Jeffrey Campbell

B is wearing a leather jacket from Emporio Armani
Pants are from Marc Jacobs
Shirt from J Crew from the Washed Favorites collection (although pattern is no longer available)
Ringer Richelieu sneakers are from Marc Jacobs

Charlie is wearing Coastal Pet Products Personalized Comfort Soft Dog Harness from Petco and a dog Mets dog leash because he ate his other one and my father replaced it with this one. I am embarrassed to use it.

Special thanks to my best friend Krystal for helping me out with some of these photo!

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