Monday, April 28, 2014

100th Post!

This is my 100th blog post!
I'm really excited. It's wonderful to look back at all of the posts and see how much things have changed. My first post was about moving a little bit away from the editorial side of photography and moving into more documenting my life and the things around me. I think I've gotten better at doing that as seen here,  herehere and here. I'd like to get back into the editorial side of photography again and now with the warm weather back I think I can start doing it. 

Looking back at all of my blog post I've seen so many wonderful moments in my life frozen and captured. From old homes and old relationships to new homes, new friends, new loves. The first photo I ever posted on this blog was of a terribly snowy day in the cemetery outside of Chad's old apartment on 153rd street.

When I look at this photo I can almost feel the snow falling down the back of my jacket because I had forgotten a scarf. 
Fast forward to a year and a half later fighting my nerves enough to photograph Brian on the roof of his apartment building. Both of us were afraid to admit our feelings to each other but when we did, we couldn't get enough of each other. Two years later it's still nice to laugh about moments like this.

2013 was a strange year for me. I spent half of the year in an incredibly dark place. I came out with How To Love Your Depressed Lover to open up about my depression and anxiety as much as I could. I needed away to explain to everyone why I was withdrawn and why it may have seemed as if I had changed. The response I got from people was completely overwhelming. I got messages from people I didn't even really know telling me that they too suffered from anxiety and depression and sometimes felt as alone as I did. It brought together a conversation amongst friends that we are all here for each other. It started a tiny fire within myself that has been growing each and every single day. While I still struggle with these issues, I'm happy to report that I'm getting better. 

The second half of the year was spent bettering myself and on my birthday I wrote a short post reflecting on my year and my future. I caught myself afraid of all of the change that was about to happen in my life with my friends moving, a new pup and the big change of moving in with my boyfriend. I remember being alone at my parents place with Charlie while writing this post and not being able to write everything I wanted because I had gotten too emotional. 

2014 has been incredible and I can't wait to continue the year and see what it brings me and my photography. I can't wait to see what the next 100 posts capture. 

Most of all I need to say thank you. I know some of you click on the blog when you see it pop up on your newsfeed because there is nothing else to do but a lot you have also told me you look forward to my weekly style posts on Wednesday or the posts portrait posts I do. Thank you all so very much for your kind words of support and love throughout all 100 of these blog posts. 

As a thank you I've decided to hold a contest with one of my favorite companies that I've worked with for my style posts, ZeroUV. I'm going to be giving away a $40 gift card to the site which has sunglasses for both men and women. They're great quality and super fun. 
You can enter up to four times!
Here is how:
1-Comment on this blog post with your name and which pair of sunglasses is your favorite.
2- Post any of these photos (each photo counts as a new entry) to Twitter, Instragram, Facebook and tag me, ZeroUV and use the hashtag #Emmas100thpost

A winner will be chosen on Monday May 5th! GOOD LUCK!


  1. Congratulations! Always love seeing what you post, on here or IG!

  2. I love zerouv! Very excited about the contest. My favorite type of sunglasses are anything cateye.

  3. I am so happy that zerouv have shown me your blog it is amazing. Just as amazing as zerouv. :)

  4. I was introduced to ZeroUV back in Noveber of 2013 through a blog I found in Europe on look book. Since then I have purchased at least 20+ shades from fall to now. Because of ZeroUV I have found a new love of supporting fashion and style bloggers all over. ZeroUV is the best high quality affordable companies I've been introduced to. Not only do they carry awesome collections but they carry relationships with awesome Bloggers and Networks. Because of them I found your blog. Prior to posting a comment I ran trough your post and I now have another amazing blog to help feed my fashion high and support my style inspirations. I couldn't have found a better couple. Whether I win the gift card or not I came here to openly express my apreciation for the company. If you are reading this and you never went to the store in person or online I urge you to go. The customer service is so top of the line and personal and the quality is worth it all. Every dollar you spend is well worth it. Much love from your loyal customer IG: Foxx_Files and FB: Jai Foxx. Muahz

    1. Also my Fave pair of sunnies will have to be the Steampunk Vintage Inspired Fashion Crossbar Flip Up Metal Sunglasses #8972 they sold out so fast I had to wait 3 months until they came back out in Feb and now they are all mine!!

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  6. Congratulations Emma!! Zerouv sunnies look great. I'd say that clubmasters are my favorite type :)

  7. Ooooooh baby i would get the first pair without a doubt. when i saw your blog post about the wedding you went to, all i was thinking about after that were those sunglasses.

  8. holy crap though the last ones too

  9. First of all I think this post is simply wonderful and honest and it's kind of weird to just talk about sunnies when you're pouring your heart out so, I also wanted to say that I hope you continue to feel better and to keep up the good work. Now, about the sunnies I'm a huge wayfarer and cat eye frame fan and my faves from zeroUV has to be the OVERSIZE VINTAGE DESIGNER INSPIRED ROUND INDIE HALF FRAME SUNGLASSES 9173.


  10. I love your bravery, vulnerability, and commitment to accepting yourself and letting other people know they can too. Kudos to you for opening up about such a dark place and I'm glad you're on a journey to finding peace. <3