Saturday, April 5, 2014

Escape to Van Cortland Park

This week was suppose to be a quiet one and it turned out to be extremely hectic with shoots. Mostly headshot sessions so it's been what seems like almost endless running around. It's a good busy that I love but I haven't been giving this blog enough attention. I love all of the style posts I've been doing and I love being able to work with these incredible companies but I'm very excited to be doing some more creative work now that the weather is getting warmer. I'm extremely excited to be finally getting to a fun project I've had under wraps with my friends Krystal and Addy.  

This week I received a package filled with really amazing pieces that you'll see posted in the next couple of weeks. I'm so excited to style all of these fantastic looks. B and I took to my favorite park in New York City, Van Cortland Park. I grew up right across the street from it and I use to refer to it as my back yard. I learned how to garden, swim, play tennis, ride my bike and so much more in that park. I love being able to bring my love there to relax and hang out. It's beautiful just like Central Park but without hundreds and hundreds of people wandering around. I highly recommend going up to explore if you ever the time. 
  Illustrator (and my best and oldest friend) Krystal Quiles also got in on the fun this week and did a quick sketch of B and I for this weeks style post! She drew our inner spirit animals in our looks for this week. If you look closely you'll notice I'm channeling my inner Panda look (because we all know my spirit animal is a panda) and B's spirit animal has been picked as our little pup Charlie.  

B wears a white T-shirt from All Saints (similar here)
Jeans from A.P.C
 Suspenders from Urban Outfitters
Shoes from Hudson 

 Laid-Back Straw Boater Hat from Urban Outfitters 
Crystalline Pendant Necklace from Anthropologie 
Baggu Custom Duck Tote Bag from Urban Outfitters
Manicure inspired by Buzzfeed and
Rings and bracelets belong to my mother.


  1. are suspenders from urban outfitters sturdy and worth buying?? i'm in need of a pair that wont constantly pop off and slide off whenever i stand up and sit done *ahem* *cough* forever 21*cough* *flem*

    1. They are! B sometimes bartends in them and they stay put the whole night.

  2. That picture of Bryan sitting down reminds me so much of the "As I Lay Dying" movie poster with James Franco. Also I am obsessed with your tattoos/these animal drawings !!

    1. You know what I can totally see that. Thanks for your kind words!

  3. What a beautiful dress!! I fall in love with ur dress! I will buy it. I am 5' 4" and 115lbd and usually wear 0-2. Could u give me some advice about a size??? Thanks for ur kind help! :)